Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 3, Episode 4 “Ron & Tammy: Part Two” (B+)

I’ll start by saying that I liked this interaction considerably more than the last time Tammy appeared on this show, in an episode that I apparently neglected to review when it aired last year. Megan Mullally is quite hilarious in her efforts to be as indignant and obnoxious as possible as Tammy, and I like Ron’s attempts to ignore her advances. Ron’s laughing reaction to Wendy’s suggestion that she move to Canada was great, and I also loved how he picked up Tom at the end and carried him home after he had been beaten senseless with a library book by Tammy. Ben getting called Calzone Boy and revealing his fear of authority figures was pretty funny, and he’s proving to be an excellent character. I liked his reaction to the news that Leslie gets as many favors as she needs, and that he seemed to be relatively flabbergasted by and jealous of Dave’s relationship with Leslie. The chief did have it right though, that Leslie uses favors to help other people. Leslie’s angered anti-calzone response to Ben’s joke was very funny, and I’m really enjoying their interactions. I was delighted to find April working as a secretary for Chris, and I liked Andy’s FBI letter designed to get her out of it. Her ploy to get fired was not quite as brilliant as Ann’s revenge plot, and I was amused by Ann’s response to Chris asking April to come to Indianapolis with him, proving herself to be quite the serial monogamist.

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Greg Boyd said...

Glad to see you liking this one without being over the moon about it, because that's exactly how I felt. Much of the Ron-Tammy stuff was priceless, but parts of it were a little insane. Certainly not in the same league as "The Flu".