Monday, February 7, 2011

What I'm Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 2, Episode 15 "A History of Violins" (B+)

It's a good thing that Paige's fury at Evan didn't last long, and equally so that we still got an entertaining episode of Evan bumbling. His opening stunt with a missing letter (a la "cancel that - it says helf") was pretty hilarious, as was his getting locked in the General's secret room and overhearing a very confidential conversation. Hank treating the next door neighbors brought out an amusing negative dynamic between the two families, as well as reminding of the very precocious children that tend to reside in the Hamptons. Divya's relationship with Adam is proving to be rather more complicated than she had hoped or expected, and I like the fact that she is able to turn to an extraordinarily non-judgmental Hank for advice and comfort. It's not as if Hank has it easy in the romance depratment, of course, since Emily is more than a match for him, and her dealings with his father are definitely too much for him to handle. Eddie R. Lawson has been nothing but a problem for his sons since he arrived in the Hamptons, and even if he's light-hearted and generally likeable, he's still quite a nuisance and does not make things easy for HankMed. Having Emily stick around as a full-time member of both the HankMed staff and the regular credited cast, no matter how great of a character she has turned out to be, wasn't ever really going to work since she's not really a supporting character. I also imagine fans of the show wouldn't want to see Divya leave since it's her barter with Evan and her rather unconventional bedside manner that make up a large part of the show's appeal.

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