Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 7, Episode 16 “PDA” (B)

This episode wasn’t terrific, but it was still relatively fun. There are two major logical inconsistencies in the structure of the episode, having to do with Holly and Gabe. As an HR person, it doesn’t make too much sense that Holly wouldn’t be anywhere near as concerned with a PDA policy in the office as Gabe was. I’m also having trouble believing that Gabe and Erin are a couple, and I agree with a piece I read somewhere that their relationship doesn’t add up because Gabe is so much more intelligent and would have gotten over Erin’s cuteness by now. That may be breaking it down too bluntly, but Gabe is seeming just as oblivious lately as Erin usually is to anything. That said, Erin and Andy do have some good fun together during the treasure hunt. Michael and Holly moving in together is a great step, and I’m hopeful that will be a positive development. I loved seeing Jim and Pam drunk in the office, and Jim’s facial expressions, mostly in reaction to Dwight, were just as priceless as ever. It was also hilarious that they came in at just the right moment that was terribly unsubtle. I enjoyed hearing about all of the people who had had sex in the office, and it truly was a super list. The ending scene with all of the imagined perfect Valentine’s Day experiences was fun, and I especially like hearing snippets of the difference in perceived perfection from Ryan and Kelly.


Greg Boyd said...

Seriously, a B? I get what you're saying about Holly, but I didn't have any trouble buying her oblviousness. I thought this episode was absolutely sensational: almost as good as "Classy Christmas" from earlier in the season. Everything clicked: Oscar's reaction to the Michael-Holly PDA, the Andy-Erin stuff, and of course Jim and Pam (who haven't been this much fun in ages).

Movies with Abe said...

I know you really liked this one (again, I've been reading sporadically but neglecting to comment - you're far more diligent about that). It just wasn't completely a win for me, and also, I've had no problem with Jim and Pam recently. I've always liked them, so this one wasn't especially special for me.