Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I’m Watching: Human Target

Human Target: Season 2, Episode 11 “Kill Bob” (B+)

An episode of “Human Target” on a special night? Normally, you wouldn’t get any arguments from me, but then I remember that this is because FOX decided to pre-empt a two-hour installment (or rather, two one-hour installments) for repeats of “Raising Hope” and “Kitchen Nightmares” during the memorial for victims of the Tucson tragedy. I’m also somewhat worried because this is likely the third-to-last episode of this show that we’ll ever see, though I’m truly hopeful that that’s not the case. This episode was light but a lot of fun, featuring a humorous subplot about Ames’ shotgun wedding to which she did not invite Winston, ending in divorce before the hour was up. While I would have loved to see the wedding go down, in a way it’s more fun to have Winston getting upset about not being invited and bringing it up in the middle of a mission, only to have Ames come deliver the news to him at the end of the episode. Todd Grinnell, who I recognize but can’t place, even after looking at his resume on IMDB, was entertaining as the clueless Bob, and Lauren German was one million times better in her portrayal of Angie/Natalya than she was on the horrific “Happy Town” last year. My favorite part of the episode was the rapport that Natalya and Chance seemed to have that wasn’t shared by anyone else, and it’s always nice to see a happy ending for some generally nice characters, like a bumbling engineer and a sympathetic assassin.

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