Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 15 “Just Go Home” (B+)

I was struck in this episode by the sheer amount of stark and truly angry yelling that went on behind multiple subdivisions of the Braverman clan. The return of Seth proved to be quite difficult and dividing for Sarah’s immediate family, and I’d like to commend Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham particularly for being terrific in their extremely heated scenes. In a sense, John Corbett is the perfect person to play Seth since he doesn’t actually need to contribute much to the show besides just being there (apologies to any diehard fans of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”). There was also plenty of fury to be found at the home of two impending newlyweds, and it’s a real shame that their relationship is coming crashing down due to an ill-advised choice of words made by Crosby after a dishwasher-related incident. At least one part of the big family is happy, and that’s Haddie, who has finally returned home as her parents decide that they’re okay with letting her continue to date Alex. It’s a shame that Adam seems so bothered by the fact that Max thinks Alex is a better basketball teacher than him, but I think he’ll soon get over that. On the lighter side of things, it was entertaining to see, in their only appearance of the episode, Julia and Joel wince in pain at the thought of having to go to the couples counseling that Crosby had been signed up for, though it’s not quite as funny knowing the outcome of that unfortunate meeting.

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