Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 4, Episode 4 “Monkey Business” (B)

Now this was a weird episode. I’m not sure most other shows, even those on Showtime or other cable networks, would be able to get away with the stuff that happened in this episode. Fisher Stevens made quite the impression here as producer Zig, who had no problem showing off his private parts in front of the boys and screaming at Charlie every time he spoke. I, as I’m sure many do, remember Stevens from his role as Phoebe’s boyfriend Roger (“I hate that guy!” / “these coffee cups might as well have nipples on them”) on “Friends,” and he was most recently seen accepting an Oscar for producing the dolphin documentary “The Cove.” His role here was certainly short-lived, and no one seemed to have any qualms about showing his dead body just hanging there for a good five minutes. Abby raises a good point, that Hank is showing himself to be a bit more controlled by thinking to call her and try at least a little to not behave so badly all the time. It’s a real shame that he had to come in and see Karen getting cozy with another guy. I’m thrilled to have Michael Ealy on the show since the actor has been taking on more intriguing roles since being the least interesting part of “Sleeper Cell” and then moving on to showier parts in “Flash Forward” and his current recurring stint on “The Good Wife.” I find it hard to imagine Marcy as a mother, if only because of her lewd comments throughout this entire episode.

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