Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 4, Episode 5 “Freeze Frame” (B+)

I must say, it was great to see Mia again. When shows bring back former cast members seasons after their initial departures, it can be jarring and often seem like a cheap stunt designed to mask lack of original plotting or feel all too brief because the actor or actress won’t actually be returning to the show full-time. Yet this was perfect, giving Mia a chance to demonstrate that she hasn’t really changed but showing that she still feels this connection to Hank that causes him to come comfort her when she’s thinking about ending it all. It’s beyond worrisome that Hank has gotten himself into a situation he doesn’t deserve to be in, opting to be a good guy and help Mia out, only to have himself photographed with both Mia and Sasha having their hands down their pants. I was impressed with Hank’s first meeting with Ben, where both men were rather condescending towards each other and then matured, with Ben inviting Hank to join them and Hank declining the invitation. Hank’s reaction to hearing “I thought you said he was out of the picture” said to Becca was rather heartbreaking. Charlie’s antics were hilarious as always, if more dangerous than usual as he really took his grooming recommendation to heart and seriously injured himself. The dynamic between Karen, Marcy, and Charlie is priceless. It’s no surprise that Charlie is likely the father of Marcy’s unborn child, but the route to realizing that was definitely quite worthwhile and entertaining.

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