Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 1, Episode 6 “Episode Six” (B+)

We’re finally caught up to the events previously seen in the first episode, and they’re far more complicated than it initially seemed. I’m loving the interactions between characters we haven’t seen together before, such as Matt and Morning. The latter actress of an unknown age is particularly entertaining, making Matt call her crazy and Sean bumble and stumble all over himself even more than usual. Sean’s efforts to apologize to Beverly certainly didn’t go well, but they were rather amusing. I like how Beverly turned to Carol for comfort since they have this sort of semi-friendship, even if Carol hilariously enough can’t talk about anything but herself. It was fun to see Merk again as well, and it’s startling to see the disconnect between what Sean knows and thinks about Merk’s opinions and what they actually are. I was most excited by the opportunity to see Matt and Beverly together, as he chastised her for being a lunatic driver and was then dumbstruck to learn that she didn’t think the show was any good. The two of them getting together wasn’t something I had expected, though Tamsin Greig does a truly terrific job of playing off of Matt’s sarcasm, particularly in reference to the semi-pleasure he was experiencing as she refused to stop kicking him. The celebrity tour bus going by them while they were sorting out the accident was also a surprisingly poignant moment, as Matt had to deal with constantly being recognized and pegged for just one role.

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