Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I'm Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 2, Episode 2 "The Life Inside" (B+)

Two things seem very clear to me about the universe of this show as its second season continues: there are some evil people in the world and no one could possibly be as cool as Raylan. Even though they're not the focus of the episode, we do get a brief, rather disconcerting glimpse at the actions of Mags and her right-hand men Dickie and Coover. Margo Martindale was perfectly chilling in her conversation with Loretta, and the rather dark small talk between Dickie and Coover during the burial was rather disturbing as well. The episode-specific storyline was also rather fascinating, as it was clear from the start that something was going to go awry with the pregnant prisoner. Raylan definitely noticed that something was up while they were in the waiting room, yet he’s so smooth that he barely even reacts and then lets the bad guys get away because he knows that’s the best way to play out the situation. I suspected that Jamie wasn’t actually pregnant and then was rather horrified when I realized that she was and the twist was instead that the people who broke her out of prison actually wanted to cut the baby out of her. All of Raylan’s conversations with Winona, and with Gary, for that matter, are quite fascinating and fun. I was thrilled to see Ava, if only for a moment, and her treating a wounded Boyd was a great way to bring her back. I hope to see much more of her soon.

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