Saturday, February 19, 2011

What I’m Watching: Glee

Glee: Season 2, Episode 13 “Comeback” (C)

After a bit of anachronistic brilliance last week, we’re back to the same old questionable quality and wildly unbelievable plotlines. This show seems to have a desire to recognize all of the big and popular musicians of yesteryear as well as today, which is why the flavor of the week is suddenly Justin Bieber. While the surprising interest displayed by an awestruck Artie, Mike, and Puck was amusing, the plotline was entirely devoid of substance otherwise. The girls being entirely swayed and entranced by it also felt just a bit over-the-top (maybe it’s because I’m not currently in high school and can’t appreciate the fact that it’s all the rage). It’s being drilled into our heads that just about everyone at the school is as dumb as can be, particularly any of the men interested in Quinn. More troubling, however, are the continued liberties taken with Sue’s character. I didn’t like the “Sue-icide” joke, and I think that having Sue come to glee club rehearsal is just plain stupid. Time and time again, she’s proven herself to be a traitorous saboteur, and a pleasant trip to the children’s cancer ward at a hospital with Will is clearly not going to change any of that. As Rachel tried to steal back the spotlight, I got even more annoyed with her and started to appreciate the fact that she’s been largely ignored and certainly demoted from her former lead status this season. The Brittany trendsetter storyline was also less than impressive, and an indication that sometimes they take even that character too far.

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