Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 2, Episode 13 “Real Deal” (B+)

My, my, the deception that is going on in this week’s episode has reached a ridiculously high level! It’s executed and revealed in an absolutely terrific manner, of course, since the show has recently become expert in dealing with such matters and playing them out to the fullest of their potential. I like how a few of the core members of the cast – namely Diane, Will, Alicia, and Kalinda – have become the de facto “good guys” team, meeting together in secret to make their plans for how to survive on their own as the leaders of the new firm. The discovery that Alicia’s computer was being spied on was intense enough, and the most powerful moment of the episode was the look on Will’s face when Bond repeated verbatim for him the content of Diane’s e-mail. It was great to see Michael J. Fox’s exploitative lawyer again, and to hear Kalinda as the voice of reason and Alicia as the one unwilling to accept the possibility of him actually being honest. I do love it, just as the lawyers do, when they find loopholes around which to trap their forced co-counsel, which Alicia did back with Mamie Gummer a while ago and now pulled off seamlessly with Canning. Even when he’s not ripping anyone’s spine out, Denis O’Hare is quite entertaining as he is here as the affable Judge Abernathy, and I enjoyed seeing the opposing counsel object rather clumsily at Canning’s indication. It was fun to see both Eli and Peter handle their latest problems in the most optimistic and productive manner yet.

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