Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I’m Watching: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 12 “Rabid Dog” (B+)

Things can’t be good if the opening scene takes place in the present, not some distant moment in the future where things are unrecognizable. It wasn’t surprising that Walt did everything he could to cover up any traces of the gasoline that Jesse had poured all over his house, and that, though the cleaning crew was happy to take more of his money, there wasn’t anything more that they could do to clean it. His story was typically unbelievable, and Walter Jr. saw right through it, concluding that he fainted while pumping gas, while Skyler also realized that it wasn’t even close to true. It’s alarming how honest Walt is with Skyler these days, and how callous he is in relaying serious information to her. Saul asking Walt if he wanted to put Jesse down was rather blunt, however couched in a colorful metaphor it was, and it was interesting to see just how staunchly Walt defended Jesse. Unfortunately, Jesse blew the last chance that Walt was giving him by mistaking the man behind him for a killer, and now Walt seems perfectly content to have Jesse eliminated. The events of this season are going to be stretched out considerably, but that doesn’t make Hank’s efforts to get loose cannon Walt to roll on Walt and catch him on tape admitting to his empire any more fascinating. As Walt is exploring other possibilities on how to deal with Jesse, his younger former co-worker seems equally intent on finding a new way to cripple his old mentor.

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