Monday, September 23, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Mindy Project (Season Premiere)

The Mindy Project: Season 2, Episode 1 “All My Problems Solved Forever…” (C)

I really want to like this show, but I also haven’t reached the point at which I can no longer stand it, though I’m sure it’s not far off at this rate. The whole idea of Mindy actually going to Haiti is preposterous, and for her to be airlifted back to New York, rather than somewhere a bit closer, like, say, Miami, is equally ridiculous. The fact that she would ever agree to a casual wedding planned in less than a week is utterly unbelievable, and it does this show a disservice to have Mindy consider such thoughts for even a moment. I’ve read many times that this show would do well to ditch its medical office setting entirely, and I think that adding James Franco as a workplace nemesis for Mindy is an unnecessary stunt that will likely last just one episode and add nothing to the overall storyline of the show. Jeremy getting fat is another instance of the show being lazy and uncreative, and it’s disappointing to see it featured so prominently. I’m more impressed with Danny’s plotline, which was funny and embarrassing, and put him in a position where he couldn’t possibly defend himself. I’m sure it’s going nowhere fast, but I do love that the awkward flirtation between Mindy and Danny continues, and that he seemed devastated to hear that she was marrying Casey but then talked her into going through with the wedding if she thought it was what she really wanted. I’ll give this show a few more weeks, but my confidence is waning.

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