Saturday, September 28, 2013

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 3, Episode 1 “Liberty” (B+)

I was so thrilled about the direction that this procedural went in second two, and I’m excited to see that season three is off to a similarly creative and terrific start. Adding Sarah Shahi’s Shaw and Amy Acker’s Root to the main cast is the best decision that this show has made since it started, and both enhanced this episode considerably. I like that Shaw is always on call to help out with a number, but that she isn’t quite keen to the idea of non-lethal force, and when she does agree to it, she requires a steak as compensation. Root, on the other hand, is still locked up, but this episode provided a marvelous look at how she’s really waiting to play her hand, telling her doctor everything she knows about him before threatening to kill him. With Carter demoted to the rank of officer, she’s actually even more helpful to Reese and Finch, though she’s also playing her own game by working with Elias without telling them, which could prove dangerous. This show was always interesting, but I’m so glad to see that it’s now found its groove, and this installment about a sailor on shore leave in trouble was a fantastic one. Watching Finch listening and helping from his home, Reese going on to do negotiations, Carter helping out with logistics, and Fusco playing the part of the bearded horse carriage driver was so much fun, and especially with Root lurking in her temporary home, I can imagine that this season is going to be spectacular.

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