Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 1, Episode 12 “Same Exactly” (A-)

A cable season finale is always worth anticipating because it wraps up all the season’s threads in a big way and usually sets things in a whole new direction. It wasn’t clear which threads this show would wrap up in its first year, but there was no concern about things being left up in the air since the show was renewed for a second season just a couple weeks after its premiere. What was dealt with in this finale was the impact of Ray’s execution of the priest on his brothers and the whole Sully problem, and both were given excellent and powerful resolutions. Ray taunting Frank to arrest him for a crime that he actually wasn’t guilty of was an entertaining start to a much more intense situation, in which Ray decided that he had to trust Mickey in order to defeat a common enemy. Their conversation at the gym was terrific, and it’s important to help understand why Ray hated his father so much. The boatside shootout was very well-coordinated, and hopefully its one unanticipated casualty, Avi, will make it through just fine. I was very happy with Avi as a character this season, and I hope that Katherine Moennig’s Lena will get a similarly strong showcase next season. The supporting players on this show are all so fantastic, and this episode provided some minor resolution for most of them. Ray telling Terry to let Frances go was unkind, and it was sad to see him lash out at her when she reacted poorly to the news about the priest. Bunchy paying a visit to the church was a bad sign, and it’s worthwhile to be worried about him going into season two. Ezra proposing to Deb so that she can’t testify against him is far form romantic but probably smart, even though that shouldn’t be much of a concern anymore. The episode’s final moment was its best, with Connor and Bridget both unfazed by the sight of Ray with a bloody shirt sleeping on the beach. This has been a great first year, and I can’t wait for season two of this underrated series.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Liev Schreiber

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Anonymous said...

More Lena and more Avi for season 2 would make Ray Donovan a A+ show!