Thursday, November 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 9, Episode 5 “Thank You For Your Service” (B+)

Larry is never one to let a moment that could pass easily by go, and that was exemplified supremely in his failure to thank Jeff’s future son-in-law for his service when everyone else in the crowd had done so just because he didn’t feel it was necessary. I think Larry represents a lot of what people experience every day in their heads, and he just speaks it out loud when most would remain silent. Case in point – the comment that he had to make about how the baby looked sort of Asian, which prompted him to get promptly barred from the club. He did score a rare win when he caught Takahashi in the car with Ken’s wife, and he had to work hard not to roll down the window to start another friendly relationship with the security guard. His guest charging at some valets because he thought they were revolutionary redcoats, on the other hand, might have damaged his standing slightly. I was thrilled to see the latest modern generation guest star, Katie Aselton from “Legion” and “Casual,” as the mail carrier who Larry tried to get to drop something off at Richard Lewis’ house for free and then completely failed in dating when he was exceptionally rude and deplorable at the movie theater. His over-analysis of the chef’s face was a bit much, but what always makes it worth it on this show is the fact that others indulge him, like the waiter who insisted that he had made the face he demonstrated to Larry.