Thursday, November 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Good Behavior

Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 3 “Because I’m Mrs. Claus” (B+)

Christmas came a bit early on this show, and I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a Christmas episode like this. It’s crazy to think that Letty is okay just dropping Jacob off with her ex-husband and his new fiancée since she has just started to get him a new life under an assumed name in a new place. She was also going on vacation with Javier, Rob, and her mother, which is somewhat strange since you’d think that they would be careful about where they went given Agent Lashever’s close monitoring. Unfortunately, that didn’t matter all that much since it was Estelle who betrayed them by pretending that the FBI agent casing Javier was her stalker. It’s hard to know what will come next now that both our main characters have been arrested, and I don’t see a way that Javier and Letty can squirm their way out of this one. It was marvelous to see them both work, particularly Letty when she realized that Rob thought that every vacation destination was all-inclusive and had racked up a $9,000 bill because he thought ordering the most expensive stuff was free. He actually did very well as an elf getting people’s room numbers, but nothing compares to the way that Letty didn’t even blink when she got caught in one of the rooms, accidentally said the girl’s name, and walked out having convinced her that she was Mrs. Claus. I’m not sure why Agent Lashever needed to bring Christian with her to the cabin, but she’s clearly a master manipulator, bringing presents for both of them and dragging him along for the wild ride.