Monday, August 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Capture

The Capture: Season 1, Episode 4 “Blind Spots” (B+)

There are a lot of different elements at play here, and it’s understandable that there’s plenty of confusion. Rachel is closest to really figuring out what’s going on, comprehending the implications of CCTV footage being manipulated and how anyone can be made to look like they’ve done anything. I was correct to assume that she’d be targeted for what she knows, and confronting Hart in public wasn’t a smart move. It was gratifying to see her come into direct contact with Shaun, though he rightfully didn’t know who he could trust and decided to steal her car rather than have her bring him in with her assurances that she would make sure he was treated right. Getting to talk directly to Frank also only served to confirm Rachel’s suspicions that what was going on was being explicitly endorsed by higher-ups to make sure that the true objectives remained hidden. Being brought to a place with loud music and people not paying attention to him didn’t give Shaun the comfort he needed, especially after he thought that it was Frank’s people who had taken him again. Having Charlie come out to him at the end and assess that he must really want to know what was happening was a surprise, and his sentiments certainly qualify as an understatement. I’m glad to know that a second season of this show has already been ordered since two more episodes does not seem like a sufficient amount of time to satisfyingly cover what’s at play here.

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