Thursday, November 4, 2021

What I’m Watching: American Crime Story: Impeachment

American Crime Story: Impeachment: Season 3, Episode 7 “The Assassination of Monica Lewinsky” (B)

This was certainly an engrossing hour, showing through real archive footage the way that both Monica and Linda were cruelly and relentlessly mocked when everything was leaked. What wasn’t as convincing to me was the series of invented conversations between Bill and Hillary Clinton. While much of what happened between Monica and Linda might be close to the truth because of the real Monica’s role in this show, there’s no way that either of the Clintons contributed in any way to the writing process. I like Edie Falco but it’s hard to separate her from her accent and the other characters she’s played in the past, and while the public moments that were actually recorded for all to see are probably near-mimicries of what happened, it’s hard to buy any of Hillary’s private moments with Bill. Linda watching John Goodman play her on “Saturday Night Live” with her children was brutal, and she’s definitely not being hailed as the hero she thought she would be. Monica’s fate is also even more miserable than she could ever have imagined, and Ginsberg’s public relations campaign was enough to get Starr to yank her deal, which isn’t good at all. That’s going to absolutely devastate her, and there’s no going back now. I did recognize another actor in this ensemble from his voice alone, Patrick Fischler from “Mad Men” and “Married” as Sidney Blumenthal, though he, like so many others on this show, is buried under an intense 90s hairstyle and large glasses.

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