Saturday, November 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Morning Show

The Morning Show: Season 2, Episode 6 “A Private Person” (B+)

This network’s shows are supposed to follow a certain script, and it seems like just about everyone is going on air either planning to deviate from that or without having much of a conversation first. In his efforts to be noticed, Daniel continues to make questionable decisions, like reminding Dave Foley’s Peter Bullard what he said about him on his show. Yanko’s career doesn’t seem to be coming back either, and he didn’t react well to Stella telling him that she needed to suspend him. Alex’s continued absence isn’t reflecting well on anyone, and Chip is getting the most flak for it, which prompted him to have an uncomfortable exchange where he came off as predatory and entitled, which only got him angrier. I did enjoy Cybil describing herself to Stella as a cockroach, and I have a feeling that Stella isn’t going to be sticking around nearly as long. Hal’s visit was particularly poorly-timed, and it made things more awkward when Cory came over to allay his guilt for having betrayed his friend. Having the story break the first day that she was on air next to Laura sent her spiraling, though she did an admirable job of staying focused during the Groucho Marx bit right after she found out. The way that she keeps pushing Laura away when she offers comfort is not good, but it does seem like she wants to give the relationship a real shot, which won’t be easy. We didn’t see any of Mitch in this episode, but Mia seemed very upset to find that she might somehow be involved in Maggie’s book.

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