Sunday, November 14, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Morning Show

The Morning Show: Season 2, Episode 8 “Confirmations” (B+)

Okay, so this was a more positive follow-up to an episode I didn’t particularly care for that mostly excelled at displaying the way the news machine works when being on top of a story is of utmost importance, and in dealing with complicated grief. Cory trying to spin the book release in some positive manner was interrupted by an unexpected question from an Italian reporter requesting a comment on Mitch’s death, and it was so interesting to see how that led to an intense investigation that started at a place of almost zero knowledge. Chip got the furthest, calling to impersonate Alex and find out her last credit card charge, and then he spiraled when he thought that Alex might have been in the car. They seemed to be on better terms when they were both just relieved to see each other, but then she listened to his terrible voicemail, which got her so furious, mostly with him not letting her feel what she wanted to in that moment. Paige also switched right away from mourning to anger at Alex thinking she was guilt-free in the dissolution of their marriage and everything related to Mitch. Ultimately, Bradley did a great job of reporting the complicated news, which was even more impressive considering her brother’s charged and disruptive visit to the studio. Mia’s announcement to everyone was also poignant and respectful, and the fact that she reached out by text showed that she did still feel her own complicated connection to Mitch, even after everything that he did.

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