Monday, November 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Morning Show

The Morning Show: Season 2, Episode 5 “Ghosts” (B+)

The pandemic hasn’t even hit in America yet and everything is already starting to unravel. Alex’s back pain was the least of her worries, and she managed to lash out at just about everyone in her life. Audra was incredulous that Alex thought she had always been gracious to her, and she didn’t want to hear the truth about what she might have said from Chip, who thought that he was protecting her by talking to Maggie. Confronting Maggie in her hotel room and seeing that the book was so much worse than she could have thought was the last straw, enough to compel her to skip the debate and fly home alone. Yanko is also seeing the repercussions for not being authentic enough in his apology, and the video captured of him punching out the man who screamed at Stella isn’t going to help at all. Cory didn’t consider for a moment that Bradley and Laura were together until he thought about it and called her, and she’s not likely to forgive him for leaking their relationship to the press to give them a more salacious story than the smear campaign against Hannah. David Paymer turned in a memorable performance as Hannah’s father who Cory tried to warn against continuing his lawsuit. Mitch did not get off to a good start with Paola, but it now seems like he’s reflecting in depth on what he did in what may be an attempt to salvage his reputation, which likely won’t be a good look.

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