Friday, November 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Love Life

Love Life: Season 2, Episode 9 “Marcus Watkins” (B+)

I feel like so many shows about the present moment introduce the pandemic into their plotlines without much warning, and in the same manner that this one did, suggesting that Marcus was very excited about what 2020 might bring and experienced considerable disappointment when that wasn’t the case. His latest relationship was a particularly bad fit for pandemic living, and I could definitely relate to his horror at Anjali pretending that she had sanitized her mat and that she was paying any attention to what things she was touching. Breaking up with her was the right move, though it wasn’t too good for him to be alone when George Floyd was murdered and his company started coming to him to rubber-stamp their message of solidarity to the Black community. His reaction was absolutely understandable, and that scene showcased the uncomfortable way in which many white people have tried and failed to express concern and sympathy, which in this case resulted in Marcus deciding this all just wasn’t worth it and quitting in an emphatic and furious manner. After he wasn’t receptive to Mia’s phone call when she reached out to him, attending his sister’s wedding and seeing her genuine happiness was a positive catalyst to encourage him to reach back out to her and for them to reconnect in such a warm and wonderful way. It looks like they may actually make it, though there’s still one whole episode left which may involve some more obstacles before their storylines are closed.

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