Sunday, November 14, 2021

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 2, Episode 4 “Baseball, Walkers and Wine” (B)

Forget about kidneys – this show is not all about the retirement home and the antics there. I’m still a bit surprised by the presence of actors like Jim Beaver and Jane Seymour, but they seem to be having fun and getting somewhat more substantive. At first, Spencer seemed like a one-note character stuck in his ways and determined to bring back chauvinism at every turn, and after a good deal of sexual harassment directed at Bette, he showed a deeper and more sentimental side related to his late wife and his service on September 11th. Harry still isn’t doing a great job of tolerating Drew, and our nervous protagonist isn’t keen on pointing out to him that he needs to give his wife some space because his watching so carefully over her is suffocating her and not allowing her to enjoy the time she has left. Norma is also grappling with things she can’t control, and her resistance to using a walker was understandable. Drew deciding to go for it and take Gina on a date was quickly derailed by the unfortunate presence of Eli, which made it so that Gina ended up drowning her discomfort with plenty of alcohol. When she was drunk and back home, Gina seemed very open to the idea of being with Drew, but he was right to stop things there, and he’ll have to see if she remembers any of it or feels the same way when she wakes up fresh and sober in the morning.

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