Friday, November 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Love Life (Season Finale)

Love Life: Season 2, Episode 10 “Epilogue” (B+)

Who says people can’t have a happy ending? It’s nice to know that both of this show’s existing seasons went out on a positive note, which is especially refreshing given the rollercoaster nature of Darby and Marcus’ love lifes. It was also fun to see Darby again in an appropriately brief context, running into Marcus to offer a bit of commentary about how things do eventually work out. I enjoyed the opening with Ola’s musical play that had Mia giggling like crazy since they were both pretty sure that it was all about Marcus and his apparent sexual deficiency. The denial of that fact by Ola wasn’t all that comforting, and fortunately its effects didn’t linger all that much, instead leading to Mia encouraging Marcus to write a book and him casually proposing. I like that we got a quick fast-forward to a year later when she was pregnant, and that the expected problems, like Marcus not being able to finish his book and the nanny judging him because he always said or did the wrong thing, were troubling but ultimately not insurmountable. Encouraging Mia to quit her job before she threw up in the Uber was supportive, and it was especially sweet that he decided to surprise her with a five-day childless trip to the Bahamas. Ending with the two of them just being together on the plane and having fun reclining in the seats and talking about their futures was endearing. I’d be happy to get to know new characters in a theoretical third season of this show, and it’s been great to spend a bit of time with Marcus and Mia and everyone else.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Jessica Williams as Mia

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