Tuesday, November 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: Work in Progress (Season Finale)

Work in Progress: Season 2, Episode 10 “I Release You” (B+)

I really hope that this show comes back for a third season and beyond since it has fabulous content to offer. I very much enjoyed the younger Abby looking around the adult Abby’s home and admiring her snacks, which she rightfully concluded were all hers. Commenting on the aspects of the future that she felt were particularly advanced was very funny, as was her laughing when Abby said it doesn’t get better since she had put in so much effort trying. Searching for a new therapist has been a major theme of this show that Abby reinvests herself in every once in a while, and her new fit seemed to be perfect, pushing her to challenge the negative characteristics she assigned to herself that weren’t true. Trying to get her to say Chris’ dead name was a useful exercise, and the timing of it worked well with Chris reaching out. I like that it wasn’t a totally pleasant reunion but instead a realistically awkward encounter, one that found Chris showing up even though Abby had asked him not to and with an almond cake of all things, which wasn’t a particularly positive reminder of that whole ordeal. Leaving the cake and a new plant for Travis was a great way for Abby to release some of her physical burden, a symbolic act she tried to continue by getting rid of the almond in the water. Since this show is a comedy, it was fun to see her realize that she didn’t want to do that and then try to get it, creating an even wilder scenario than the one with Julia at the golf course earlier. When is season three coming? I’d love to experience more of Abby and this world.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Abby McEnany

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