Friday, November 5, 2021

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 3, Episode 7 “Bird Patrol” (B+)

Watching any given scene on this show is usually disorienting, and having events playing out in two different time periods with Laura involved in both of them was particularly dizzying. The methods by which each of our protagonists received their invitations to whatever it was that Dada had planned were intense, and also typically creative, like Jane pulling a banner out of her mouth and Cliff ending up with the insignia on his shirt. Jane was understandably angry to learn that Cliff had gambled away her records and her Cher workout tapes, and teleporting him to see Clara and the baby was a situation in which he should absolutely have failed yet somehow managed not to, even while he was in possession of his daughter’s credit card, which was quite dangerous. Jane has enough to deal with down in the underground with Kay being upset that someone stole her bike and deciding that she never wants to go up again. Larry’s antics were quite entertaining, deliberating on whether to give his space parasite a name rather than burning it, and then ultimately leaving a sandwich and a jacket with it so that it won’t be cold when he left it out in the middle of the woods to die. Vic getting the surgery doesn’t seem like something that he should do, mainly because it might make him feel like he shouldn’t be a part of the team if the debilitating side of his abilities goes away. Back in time, Laura did her best to protect Dada from being classified as weapons, but the manner in which she was ultimately forced to do so was so harsh that it explains why Dada hasn’t forgiven her, as expressed in a jolting and poignant scene occurring simultaneously in two time periods.

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