Wednesday, November 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 6, Episode 16 “Nightmare in National City” (C+)

Well, this makes some sense. How Lex Luthor is still alive isn’t a question I want to bother to ponder since there are surely many multiverse-related answers, but he is far more fitting a nemesis for Supergirl and her superfriends than Nyxly since, unlike her, he actually cares quite a bit about them and wants to eviscerate them, not just ensure that they don’t get in his way. I also can’t really comprehend the dream realm, where Nyxly was getting tips from herself while happening upon the two sisters wandering around and very visible to her. Nia didn’t expect that the doctor she was going to find would be her sister Maeve, who was very resentful of the fact that she had, in my mind, stolen her destiny, and getting to a better place wasn’t all that easy. Back in National City, the nightmare creature was not just a literal embodiment of everyone’s fears but also a physical obstacle that the governor and the National Guard were prepared to deal with as they found little confidence in the superfirends. It’s a wonder that it took Kara this long to quit her job as a reporter, and while I doubt it’s going to be permanent, this last stretch was just as much Andrea’s fault as it was hers, since she had no appreciation for meaningful conversations and instead just wanted to get the best publicity. William is a decent successor, but Kara needs to be doing something as Kara in addition to her very important work as Supergirl.

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