Thursday, November 4, 2021

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7, Episode 2 “The Need for Speed” (B)

I had asked for alternate versions of the legends and other characters, and we got robots. I don’t necessarily mind that because presumably someone has programmed the robots, but I’d like to continue to follow Zari’s Behrad-like pot-induced logic about the constantly reappearing whiskeys that symbolize the many different Wave Riders and all the possible enemies who might be targeting them. While getting to New York was the most crucial thing, it was entertaining to watch Zari eating whipped cream straight from the can and Sara and Ava enjoying their version of the honeymoon suite in the pocket dimension. Without Constantine, it was helpful to have Gary there to conjure a spell that apparently didn’t last quite long enough so that he could impersonate Hoover, being as terrible and discriminatory as possible. It did take him too long to realize that the real FBI agents weren’t FBI agents at all, and bringing the Bullet Blondes out to better the situation was a smart solution. Astra wasn’t kind to the silent Gideon who just wanted to communicate with fruit, unwilling to take on a child, and it’s fortunate that Spooner was able to hear her thoughts once Gideon electrocuted herself. It’s strange to see and hear her at the same time, but that should provide some familiarity to help them get to New York for the time travel expo before it’s too late. Let’s hope they meet some other versions of themselves, and maybe even some villains from their past, along the way.

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