Sunday, January 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 2, Episode 8 “Champagne Problems” (B-)

This episode was substantially lighter than most of the other installments of this show, which is saying something. I thought that Camille’s father was going to embarrass himself and everyone by trying to open the bottle with his penis or something like that, but Emily suddenly not knowing how to use her phone felt like an unbelievable device to make it so that he would slice off his finger in the third take. And it can’t even be boiled down to a master plan of her family’s to get Camille and Gabriel back together since Camille missed the call from Gabriel and her mother was the one who invited him to come up to check on him. Either way, Emily shouldn’t be all that upset since Camille and Gabriel were together and she was the one who slept with him knowing that – though Gabriel should also be held to account – and, more importantly, she’s actively involved in a relationship with someone else. Alfie seems a bit clueless about Emily’s obvious romantic history with Gabriel, and his efforts to ply him with food so that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy a wild night with Emily. That said, I certainly wouldn’t have turned down those abundant portions of delicious-looking meat. When it comes to relationships that might be somewhat taboo or looked down on, all it took for Sylvie to commit fully to being with Erik was Antoine telling her that she looked ridiculous with him, and that waitress was in for quite the shock when she went for it and made out with the man she thought was her son.

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