Saturday, October 16, 2010

Take Three: No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family: Season 1, Episode 3 “No Ordinary Ring” (B)

At this point, I’m really not sure this can ever become a great show. It seems a bit too grounded in the simplistic sensibilities I made excuses for last week, and while it’s entertaining enough, I feel that it could be capable of much more. Part of the problem is the consistently sluggish attitude that Jim has because his plans don’t seem to work. Stephanie executed a terrific operation with Katie’s help (though it appears Dr. King is on to them), so why do all of Jim’s attempts at heroism need to end in failure? Even his successes don’t pan out perfectly, and it would be nice to see him win one for a change. I do love the use of both Romany Malco and Autumn Reeser as the confidantes for the parents and, in this episode, their kids. I enjoyed having Daphne try to read Katie’s mind and discover that she is thinking about food, while George is scrambling to try and hide his thoughts from the mind reader. What absolutely did not work in this episode was the J.J.-crush plotline. Daphne telling him that she only dates Jewish girls and then having him research Judaism and wear a giant Star of David around his neck was almost unbearable to watch. It started out okay – J.J. looking at and absorbing the Hebrew alphabet – but it was taken way too far. This show needs to grow up a little and try to cater to the whole family; not just the kids watching.


Unknown said...

I feel like anything related to JJ's character in this show has just been abysmal. I feel like he just lacks any substance. I also find it incredibly hard to believe that his parents are so quick to buy that his studying habits have improved to the point that he's an honors student despite all of them having undergone these drastic transformations all at the same time. It's a bit too coincidental, no? I doubt Stephanie and Jim are that naive.

I definitely agree that this show has a lot of potential but the story/character development seems misdirected right now. I'm hoping that it really just explodes towards the end of the season when the family discovers Dr. King's nefarious plans.

Movies with Abe said...

Nefarious is the perfect word to describe Dr. King's plans, though I must admit, every time I write Dr. King and associate it with evil, it just doesn't feel right (I'm thinking of a certain reverend). In any case, even the best shows do tend to have at least one weak character ("Dexter" is a good example), so at least JJ seems to be getting the proportionally least amount of screen time.

I will say that I am still enjoying these episodes; I'm just a bit frustrated by unfulfilled potential.