Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Andy’s Watching: Survivor

Survivor: Season 21, Episode 4 “Pulling the Trigger” (B-)

Looks like Marty's plan to take control of the older tribe is working. Last week he successfully got Jimmy Johnson, someone who most people on the tribe turned to for leadership, voted off. This week, Jimmy T tried asserting himself too much so Marty lobbied against him. It was painfully obvious that Dan should go. Sure Jimmy T might have been annoying, but he definitely is needed in terms of strength. Dan is pretty weak, sits out challenges, and provides very little for the tribe.

Marty is the only one thinking of Survivor in terms of a numbers game. He wants to keep Dan in the game in order to have one more sheep to lead.

Also, by advocating for Tyrone to be the official leader of the tribe, he takes the target off of his back. He already has Jill in his back pocket - hell, she told him where to find the immunity idol! No one else is scheming so he really doesn't have any adversaries.

Jane is a bit out of touch with reality, saying that they should vote off Dan because "that's what Coach put down and I think Coach was sending a message to us to vote the next weakest link out." You should vote off Dan because he can barely walk, not because the ghost of Jimmy Johnson sent you a message. Geez Jane, think for yourself.

Once again NaOnka acts like an immature idiot by exploding at Kelly B. She is extremely insensitive, as demonstrated by her telling the camera, "not even a one legged person could stand in my way, as you can see, one shove and she's out of there" and "screw your leg, keep it away from the fire." Now that she has the hidden immunity idol she is in vastly better standing which is very unfortunate.

Thankfully Brenda made the mistake of telling Chase that NaOnka has the idol. A few weeks ago he turned on Shannon, so I wouldn't be surprised if that happens again.

Where was Jud/Fabio this episode? His presence was sorely missed.

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JB said...

I watched this episode six days late and I'm disappointed that I wasted the time to watch it all. This season is just not up to par.