Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I’m Watching: Smallville

Smallville: Season 10, Episode 3 “Supergirl” (C)

This is what they brought Kara back for? For a photo shoot and to teach Clark to fly? I like the idea of incorporating Supergirl into the storyline, but knowing that she’s only sticking around for one episode really takes the fun out of it. While her presence was never fully fused into the regular rhythm of the show, Kara was a great character to have on the show, especially in the last-ever episode in which Michael Rosenbaum appeared, when she was possessed by Brainiac. Now, Laura Vandervoort is appearing regularly as an alien on a show that’s not appearing quite as regularly: ABC’s reboot of “V,” which has yet to find a time slot or premiere date for its second season. This show, and especially this season, works much better on paper as a metaphor than it does practically-speaking as the action plays out. Clark’s journey to becoming a hero is taking much too long, and you’d think that Lois’ speedy return from the desert would rush things along. But, of course, Kara has to be the one to save Lois from certain doom, not Clark. At some point Clark is going to need to make his move, because this show doesn’t have a whole lot of time left (though I am getting increasingly worried that this will mimic the situation of “7th Heaven” from a few years ago, when it was renewed a few days after airing its series finale). Also, it’s about time they brought Chloe back, because mopey Oliver just isn’t cutting it. I'm not sure what to make yet of his final confession.

Another gripe with this episode: I've seen this in the movies before! All of the talk about planting an idea reminded me of "Inception," while Oliver's coming out to the press was just like "Iron Man."

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