Monday, October 4, 2010

What I'm Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 1, Episode 4 “Rough Trade” (B-)

Doesn't it seem a bit strange that Division operatives would use their real names during covert missions? A moniker like Nikita is especially memorable, and would seem to lend itself to the operatives being caught and the supposedly uber-organized Division being brought down by unskilled reporters. The format of this show has been modified only slightly, with Nikita deciding to take her first major potshot at Division that doesn't relate to an ongoing operation of theirs. There's still the token face-to-face gunpoint meeting between Nikita and Michael, but with a twist this time: Michael realizes that Percy has been lying to him and that he's going to step in and take out one of the bad guys in order to save Nikita's life and help her out. That's hardly surprising given the obviousness of his morals being present, and it's only a matter of time before he switches allegiances completely and stars helping Nikita bring down Division from the inside. Given how unreachable her current mole was in this episode, Nikita could use the support. Alex's meltdown brings into question her ability to keep her emotions in check and be duplicitous at the same time, and she sure didn't react well when Amanda put her in that intense straightjacket. Amanda's much smarter than she appears, and I imagine she'll be the first one to piece everything together, and the question then will be which side she takes, Percy's or Nikita's. I'm debating whether I'm committed to continuing with this show – thoughts?

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Greg Boyd said...

I'm definitely in, at least for a bit. I do want to see less of the mission of the week plotlines, but the flashbacks have kept things interesting.