Friday, October 15, 2010

What I’m Watching: Weeds

Weeds: Season 6, Episode 8 “Gentle Puppies” (B+)

Is there anyone worthy of as much commendation as Justin Kirk? Possibly, yes, but not for the purposes of this review. He showed up halfway through this show’s first season with his “Chris died for your sins” shirts and has invigorated the show ever since with his sarcastic outlook on life, and now he’s the one holding the family together. His impressive transformation into an outlandish preacher was quite fascinating, and having Shane as his bookie didn’t hurt. But it’s Kirk’s willingness, usually matching the dedication contributed by Mary-Louise Parker, to go all out and do anything demanded of his character (think back to his days in rabbinical school, for instance) that makes this show such a blast. It doesn’t necessarily keep it grounded, however, though that’s not the case in this episode. The Newmans would be better served to cast off their uncle Ted for fear of the stupidity-prone Doug messing up their chances at each new locale they visit. I suppose that this show does want to maintain some sort of non-familial tie to its origins since so many characters – Heylia, Conrad, Celia, and others – have been left behind after Nancy and her family have fled to another state. This season has already been quite hectic, and there are no signs that it will be letting up anytime soon, considering the fact that both Esteban and the authorities are presumably still on their trail. Andy’s brief leadership of his flock did prove very amusing, and I hope to see his next wild idea in action.

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