Monday, October 25, 2010

What I'm Watching: Better With You

Better With You: Season 1, Episode 5 “Better with Little Buddy” (B+)

This show certainly does a comprehensive job of exploring the many complications of relationships, whether it's two people in love with each other or children desperately seeking to break free of their parents' influence. What was particularly fun about this episode, and which set it apart from previous installments, was the focus on Vicky, usually sidelined as a character and relegated to making angry quips about her husband (much like her former television spouse, Kurtwood Smith, used to do on “That '70s Show”). Now, she gets a chance to get enthused about something, and something which makes sense for her character – sending adorable and helpful links out via alarmingly frequent e-mail. This in turn helps to make Ben feel once again like he's the only sane person in the universe, and his efforts to get off her list only to find himself in even deeper over his head were amusing as always. I did enjoy also how Maddie tried to manipulate her father into thinking that he didn't want to do her taxes and then ended up forcibly convince him to take over again to rectify an even worse situation. And wouldn't you know it, Ben has a stealthy plan in place to ensure that Maddie's taxes get done correctly at the last minute, so everyone really cares about each other and they all win in the end. This show definitely has a sweet spot, and Mia developing her own connection to her “little buddy” is superb evidence of that.

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