Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I'm Watching: The Event

The Event: Season 1, Episode 5 “Casualties of War” (C)

This episode is markedly better than those that came before it for one reason above any other: the first eight minutes don't feature Sean or Leila and instead focus on what's actually interesting. Though his threat doesn't seem credible, it's good to see President Martinez taking a stand and refusing to be manipulated by his advisers, his wife, and Thomas. I would certainly hope that Thomas doesn't kill Sophia, because the alien populace wouldn't be quite as intriguing without a fearless leader such as herself (or a power-hungry loose cannon like Thomas). Simon making direct contact with Thomas feels very risky, but it does help make things more exciting because we get to learn more about them through those clandestine meetings. Seeing the passengers as they're suffering and about to die isn't nearly as compelling, and getting a chance to talk to them about what they're experiencing might prove more effective. Now back to Sean and Leila, this episode did offer a twist that I did not see coming, mostly because I wasn't paying close enough attention since I didn't find the appearance of Vicky's son a few episodes ago to be terribly relevant. Now, it makes some sense, but really, who kills a baby? And who expects someone to kill a baby without a second thought? Having Vicky as a semi-ally due to the secret Sean knows she has could come in very handy, and Sean and Leila are definitely going to need some help as they try to outrun everyone who's after them. Someday soon, all the threads on this show may actually come together!

One exciting thing: I was watching this on the metro in D.C. not two stops on the red line away from Farragut North when Thomas demanded Sophia be put on the train!


Greg Boyd said...

And how long do you intend to watch this show, given that you haven't given any episode a higher grade than a C+?

If you're a Netflix subscriber, there's still time to catch up on "FNL" before next spring/summer. Or "The Wire". Or "Buffy". So many great shows out there, and this one doesn't appear to be doing it for you.

Movies with Abe said...

It must be something about Mondays at 9pm on NBC. I made it through four seasons of the abysmal "Heroes" at that time. Come to think of it, "Prison Break" was also on Mondays. It must be something about that night that makes all the awful shows so addictive! I'll get to your shows eventually; someday when I'm longing to experience unseen great television.