Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 2, Episode 5 “VIP Treatment” (A-)

It’s marvelously impressive that this show managed to pull off a high-stakes, relatively sensational, close-to-real-time episode that feeds directly from the final scene of the previous episode and should segue right into next week’s installment. The most commendable part, in my opinion, is that we haven’t yet even seen this Nobel Peace Prize winner, and all of the furor is relegated to hearsay and constantly changing facts. The amount of twists is also sizeable and fantastic, ranging from the discovery that Lara was researching her client before their meeting to her eventual removal of herself from the case that she was responsible for starting. There were so many interesting interactions between all of the partners, between Will and the slimy lawyer (played by Frederick Weller of “In Plain Sight”), between Will’s date Tammy and everyone else at the table, and so many more. I loved that Wendy told Eli that she knew a lot about him when he didn’t have the first clue about who she was, and then the investor Peter was supposed to have lunch with the next day cast him off by alleging that he had forgotten that the appointment was this week. Peter nearly checking the voicemail was maddeningly nerve-racking, and Alicia’s near-affair with Will is not something the Florricks need to deal with right now. Peter proved more impressive and respectable than ever before by rejecting the loaded offer to accept endorsement from the Peace Price winner, and then proved far more intelligent and resourceful by seeing through the blind endorsement after the rejection. I’m very much looking forward to where all this goes in the coming weeks.

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