Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I’m Watching: Bored to Death

Bored to Death: Season 2, Episode 2 “Make It Quick, Fitzgerald” (B+)

It’s always a bit jarring to see someone who is a regular player on a show that’s airing concurrently pop up on a show in a recurring role, even if the recurring part originated before the actor got the regular gig. In this case, it’s the always entertaining Oliver Platt, who hasn’t been kicked out of his house like his character on “The Big C” but is still the subject of some marital problems. George never has anything too concrete to do on this show, so it’s nice to see him actively engaging in something, even if it’s an extramarital affair with his ex-wife. One important thing we learned is that it’s not a good idea to hide in a place where the guy you’re hiding from already knows to look for someone else. Things are unilaterally ridiculous as always on this show, with Jonathan’s new girlfriend taking on a definitely non-monogamous stance on their relationship, something he’s not ready for but all too willing to endure. It’s his quirkiness that leads him to get stuck in these situations, whether they’re work-related and personal, where he has to experience something he shouldn’t have to because he’s trying to do what he thinks he should, for a case or for his relationship. Fortunately, it did lead to the entertaining incorporation of an otherwise relatively absent Ray into the storyline, as he and Jonathan compared their family jewels in a public restroom to determine whether Jonathan had anything to be concerned about or not.

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