Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 2, Episode 2 “Double Jeopardy” (B+)

I feel like the intensity on this show has been amped up considerably since last season, both when it comes to the cases the firm is taking on and the aggressiveness with which Peter’s campaign is being attacked. It’s definitely working for the show, of course, and the added element of having the merger complicating things at the firm is a nice bonus. Diane is certainly the less featured partner, and it’s good to see the occasionally underused character get a chance to receive an unexpected compliment when the client she tried to oust declares that he’s going to leave unless she represents him since he was so honest about her dislike for him. This episode is a fantastic showcase for Will, who gets off to a terrible start with the military judge and then makes a big show in court to ensure that the case doesn’t get lost completely. Watching Will point to codes and laws on a piece of paper for Alicia to read was reminiscent of last week when Alicia did the same thing to the defendant who insisted on representing himself, and it’s cool to think that Alicia is extremely talented and Will is even more experienced and knowledgeable. The case in this episode was genuinely interesting, and spending some time in military cool was an intriguing experience. As far as Zach and his girlfriend creating fake Internet accounts goes, I’d prefer they would have left it to the professionals (namely, Eli), but I guess mistakes have to be made in order for things to be effectively cleaned up.

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