Monday, October 4, 2010

What I'm Watching: Smallville

Smallville: Season 10, Episode 2 “Shield” (C+)

Sometimes, I wonder who comes up with the arcs for this show. I can usually understand where it's all headed by the time it's gotten there, but the road towards it can just be random as anything. I'm talking about Lois hanging out in the middle of the desert in Egypt talking to Hawkman about star-crossed lovers. Sure, the function of Lois in this final season is going to be to be as his silent support system, yearning to find ways to show him how much she cares without letting it slip that she knows his secret. Yet she really doesn't need to be shipped off to the Middle East to find herself and realize her true love for Clark. Her replacement is certainly trying her best to fill the void left by the intrepid reporter's absence and pissing Clark off just about as much as Lois did early on in their relationship. It's nice to see the perky Keri Lynn Pratt, best known as a pregnant teenager on “Jack & Bobby” and a dimwitted virgin being corrupted by Amy Adams in “Cruel Intentions 2” (the Selma Blair part, if I remember correctly). Pratt's Cat Grant should be a decent addition for however long she sticks around, provided she stops all her whining about the evil masked heroes. The Suicide Squad seems like an intense villainous organization, and whatever they have going on with Deadshot's super bullets. I care far less about Oliver or Tess or any of all that, and the final exposition shot of the episode clarifies what's it's really all about: that short of Clark standing on the roof next to the American flag indicates that we're going to see a true Superman soon.

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