Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I'm Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 7, Episode 4 “Sex Ed” (B+)

Leave it to a herpes scare to have Michael get back in touch with all of his ex-lovers, as he likes to call them. It's usually entertaining to see Michael make a fool of himself with women, and the amount of time spent on each of his past romances is very appropriate. Because of her limited impact so late (not to mention recent) in the show's run, the zany Donna is relegated to a faceless phone call. Carol gets a visit, and most memorably, Jan gets another chance to sound even crazier and more clueless than Michael. And then there's Holly. Michael's voicemail at the end of the episode is a great, very rare instance of him standing up for himself when he's actually in the right, reminiscent of when he yelled at David Wallace for transferring her in the first place. Since Michael has such a limited time left, it's about time that Holly came back for a bit. The love triangle currently in existence at the office isn't doing terribly well, as the oblivious and obvious Andy continues to bumble about as he tries to woo back his former girlfriend (not the blond Christian one). His very frank conversation with Gabe is amusingly indicative of the kind of person Andy is, desperate to be liked so much so that he'll say anything, especially something weird like the quote Gabe repeated back to him. One of the best moments of the episode: Darryl giving Andy advice that works for any situation.

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