Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I'm Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Kiss” (B+)

I had been somewhat worried that having an episode to address the lack of physical affection between Cameron and Mitchell would prove unnecessary, but I must say that the sight of Cameron flipping over the couch and falling on the ground after being spurned by Mitchell made the half-hour. He's extraordinarily skilled at physical comedy, and it's great to hear him go on and on about how Mitchell is incapable of showing him physical affection. I liked how it all turned on Jay's inability to be affectionate with either of his children, and how he then proceeded to kiss not only Mitchell and Claire but also stepson Manny. An especially fun part of this episode was the unusual spotlight on one of the kids (not Manny) as Claire discovers texts on Alex's phone that lead her to research her love life. Alex getting advice from Haley obviously wasn't a great idea, and it was really touching that the guy showed up at the end of the episode ready to give her a kiss but they both decided that they should get to know each other better first. Phil's excitement at being called upon by Jay to help out with something was fun, and it was amusing that so many things continued to go wrong and all of Phil's hard work didn't really pan out too well. Gloria's Colombian traditions don't ever seem to get old on this show, and I enjoyed how she opted to trick Jay to pay him back for his unwillingness to be open to any of it.

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Richter Scale said...

Did I mention last week that I love this show? I did? Okay, seriously, I love that they're finally focusing a bit more on Alex. I always thought she was the most interesting of the Dunphy kids. I love the scene where she asks the guy for a kiss at his house and accidentally quotes Notting Hill ("Oh my God, that's so dorky"). It was also interesting to see that she actually bought the stories of her mother being a good girl, seeing how I always thought Alex was the smart one of the family, but she's still somewhat naive which is quite fitting with her age. I'm curious to see where they'll take her story. As for all the kissing, it left me feeling good once again and loving these people. It was fun seeing Mitch and Cam kissing each other in the background. Nothing major, which is perfect because we can assume they've done way more than that in private. This show always finds the right balance between the funny and the moving, and this is why it deserved that Emmy.