Sunday, October 17, 2010

What I’m Watching: Undercovers

Undercovers: Season 1, Episode 4 “Jailbreak” (B+)

I’m continually impressed by this show, which manages to provide excitement, entertainment, and coherent storylines at the same time! I’d also like to commend this show on the fact that everyone speaks in this episode with an Irish accent, which is due both to superb casting and great writing. I remember when Jack Bauer posed a Serbian assassin in the first season of “24” (a fantastic season; don’t get me wrong) and didn’t even bother trying to disguise his voice. This show will have none of that, and all four players are ready to put on a Gaelic dialect in the service of executing their mission. Though it seemed like the continually obnoxious (in a good way, at this point) Leo kept beating Samantha and Steven to the punch, credit is due to Steven for being awesome in this episode. He really knows what he’s doing, setting up that briefcase to explode and warning Leo with the appropriate code phrase. The scene itself was magnificently done, and I do enjoy being able to experience so much action, especially on Wednesday nights, an evening currently populated only by half-hour comedies that I watch. The fabulous foursome is managing to work very well together as a team, and with more practice, they’ll be able to carry out all their missions without a hitch (though too much perfection wouldn’t be quite as fun). At this point, it’s been one standalone mission each episode, and while I’m loving it, I’m eager to see some recurring characters and themes introduced.

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