Sunday, October 17, 2010

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 5 “The Booth Job” (B+)

I was very worried when I saw Gordon in the “previously on” segment before the show since I was much happier having Mike take his place. Fortunately, his appearance went over infinitely better than the last few times he was on the show, though I would caution Sarah about making out with multiple people in public, especially when they both work at the same office and one of them is the boss. It’s good to see Sarah shine since she really needs that, and hopefully this successful adventure can lead to further positive occurrences for her. I loved watching her and Amber, who with their glasses looked strikingly alike, and I’m so glad that Amber has come back in the spotlight. This show seems to following a rotating policy, where one Braverman child gets the big showcase while another two or three have small parts, and the rest don’t even appear at all (hello, Jabar!). I very much enjoyed the way Julia and Joel sorted out their problems, and the same is true of the resolution of Adam’s feelings about group help. Zeek’s dancing obliviousness was incredibly painful to watch, and fortunately it didn’t dominate the episode. It’s wonderful that Jasmine is starting to realize just how great Crosby is, and he really did do a terrific job nailing that interview by offering up his enthusiastic help with their musical production. I’d have to imagine, however, that their little fib about their marriage may come back to haunt them later on, but for now they should remain happy.

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