Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I'm Watching: Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down: Season 2, Episode 4 “Chapter 10” (B+)

When he's acting normal, Kenny Powers is already a pretty unhinged, boundary-free guy. Watching him actually lose it, therefore, is predictably frightening. Truth be told, catching his girlfriend in the midst of cheating on him with the guy who's helping to produce her record is a legitimate reason to get angry; it's just a shame that his fury gets the best of him and manages to overflow into his already tempestuous baseball career as he makes a fool of himself and gets into trouble with the authorities by taking out his rage on the field. After leaving the bulk of the cast behind in the first season, it seems that may be happening again now as Kenny likely won't want to talk to either Sebastian and Vida, and Roger has definitely had enough of Kenny's antics. The revelation that the mysterious Eduardo Sanchez is actually Kenny's father puts an interesting spin on things, since Kenny has never really shown admiration for anyone, and while he likely has a unique relationship with his father, he probably looks up to him for some reason or another. I'm sad to see Stevie's passionate, language barrier-defying relationship with Maria end so speedily, and if Stevie wasn't such a sad sap, he might one day realize that Kenny really has ruined his life (not that he doesn't ask for it). It's a good thing that Kenny is moving on to the next stage in his life since he was starting to really become just a terrible human being rather than simply a fantastically horrible main character. But knowing Kenny Powers, I'm sure another comeback isn't too far away.

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