Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I’m Watching: The Event

The Event: Season 1, Episode 6 “Loyalty” (C-)

When Sean was running around combing the globe for Leila, he was pretty annoying. Now that he’s found her, she’s taken up the mantle and decided to act in an extremely boneheaded manner that is sure to get her killed (though they’ll probably keep her around for a long, long time to do more stupid things). You’d think it would be one of the bad guys who would pose a threat to her, but it turns out that a crazy journalist armed with a gun may be much more dangerous. Who do you call when you need someone to play a nut job these days? The answer is Paula Malcomson, also off her rocker in her role on “Caprica.” Saying “I’m not crazy” over and over isn’t exactly convincing. On the Agent Collier end, I’m completely perplexed when it comes to Carter and his incessant demands for medical care. He is both a murderer and a hostage, and therefore he has no rights, so his arrogant whining doesn’t make much sense. On a more positive note, seeing Simon’s history back in 1944 does help to make at least one (and possibly only one) character on this show sympathetic, even if he’s not long for this world considering the devastation of his carefully-constructed cover being blown wide open by an obnoxious do-gooder. The demolition of the building at the end of the episode is a major event that should serve as a game-changer considering the horrified looks on the faces of the president and his advisors as they watched it happen, and it shows that the bad guys mean business and can make some serious stuff happen.

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Anonymous said...

The end was the WORST attempt to look EXACTLY like 24. It even has that villain from 24. David-Palmer-wannabe looking horrified while bad guys do something crazy and unexpected, while hero-trying-to-save-them SEEMS dead (though we know he's not). Just because you call yourself the "child" of 24 & Lost doesn't mean you get to steal 24 scenes and then make them dumber. JUST SHOW SEAN & LEILA -- at least they're good looking.