Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I'm Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 2, Episode 4 “Cleaning House” (B+)

It's sometimes hard to pick which element of this show is the most interesting, the lawyers or the cases, and that's a good problem. Watching Cary delight in catching Alicia off guard during the interview is one thing, and seeing Will come back and threaten Cary outright to defend her was entirely fantastic. The sudden emergence of a third candidate in the race previously occupied just by Childs and Peter is an interesting twist, and the fact that it's Anika Noni Rose's Wendy Scott-Carr is even more intriguing. Eli's panicked phone call as the credits came up at the end of the episode was perfect, showing his flustered nature and indicating just how monumental and unexpected a development this is. I enjoyed seeing Alicia failing to have patience for Mamie Gummer's wacky Nancy Crozier, and the smile on Alicia's face when she got that witness through without her knowing was brilliant. Lawyers pulling tricks in real life may not be quite so terrific, but on this show, it's definitely a good thing. Alicia pointing out to Kalinda that Blake was trying to make a point by calling her Lila sure brought out some rage in Kalinda, who had a very good time trashing Blake's car and making her own point loud and clear. Seating Will and his date at the same table as Peter and Alicia made for some enlightening conversation. For any “Grey's Anatomy” fans out there, this episode contained the two guest actresses who received Emmy nominations for appearing on that show in 2007: Kate Burton as Victoria Adler and Elizabeth Reaser as Will's date.

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