Monday, December 10, 2012

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock

30 Rock: Season 7, Episode 8 “My Whole Life is Thunder” (C+)

Sometimes, this show is just too nutty for its own good. The aftermath of Liz’s wedding was even wackier than the event itself, mainly because Jenna was trying hard to steal the spotlight. The aggressive mockery of women in the “80 Under 80” plotline was a bit much, and I think that the show used to be much better with both subtle and unsubtle running jokes in the past. Both Jenna and Kenneth have become utterly uncontrollable characters at this point, both drawing so much focus away from what the show was originally supposed to be about, which would be TGS and the two parties warring over its welfare. Kenneth’s obsession with television has been much funnier in the past, and the “Brady Bunch” cameo was among the least memorable nod to TV stardom that this show has ever done. Jack explicitly trying not to do anything so that Colleen couldn’t find things to criticize was a fun idea but didn’t lead anywhere worthwhile, and it seemed like a waste to have Rebecca Mader of “Lost” fame pop up just to proposition Jack for sex, only to be forgotten while he was on the phone with his dying mother. Jack obsessing over Colleen’s seemingly complimentary last words was amusing, and he delivered one hell of an over-the-top eulogy. Only on this show could a wedding during a funeral make sense, pleasing everyone at first and then resulting in puzzled stares on their faces, mainly because of Paul’s decision to take Jenna’s first and last name.

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