Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I’m Watching: Arrow

Arrow: Season 1, Episode 8 “Vendetta” (C+)

There was a whole lot of yammering in this hour about justice, and I’m not sure that Oliver is one to talk about fair and non-lethal methods of doling out punishment to the deserving. It’s not as if he has a penchant for shooting people in the leg to avoid casualties like Reese on “Person of Interest,” and instead he just decides who is worthy of death and who of life. One would think that shooting your own daughter at point-blank range would qualify you for a death sentence, but apparently Oliver still thinks that those on his list take precedence. Diggle’s constant reminding that Helena, last seen zooming away on her motorcycle, is bad news, fell on deaf ears, and this is hardly the first time that Oliver has wholeheartedly ignored Diggle’s advice. As Oliver invests his time in other endeavors than tracking down the people on his father’s list, Walter has found a copy for himself from the journal hidden in Moira’s room, with the help of the most annoying character currently found on TV, Felicity, who insists on unnecessary attempts at being witty whenever she is summoned by the uber-serious Walter. Tommy managing Oliver’s nightclub was an obvious idea from the start, and the fact that Laurel would be the one to bring it up during a double date doesn’t quite make sense. Oliver inviting Laurel and Tommy to join them while he was with Helena, of course, was truly dimwitted, but he is better known for his marksmanship abilities than his social graces.

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